Empowering the Individuals of Our Team

We believe in being a positive force as employers in Siem Reap by creating a workplace that makes a difference in the lives of our staff. As an American hotelier, I do not believe in managing differently in another country than the norms of international business practices. We offer a superior compensation to our staff to help them and their families towards a better life. In an impoverished country such as Cambodia, our staff can earn two or three times more than the average per capita income. It is more than a sustainable wage; it is a life changing act.

Through cross training we encourage career development of our staff. And, we seek out suppliers that we can partner with that share our philosophy.

Caring for Our Beautiful Surroundings

While tourism has the ability to expand the minds of visitors and improve the lives of local communities, it also brings with it potential negative impact on local environments and the global ecosystem as a whole. To counteract this situation, we continually implement new eco-friendly business practices to lessen the environmental impact of our operations. In this on-going improvement process, we work towards the principles of The International Ecotourism Society ( This includes recycling, using eco-friendly products where possible, use of solar water heating, encouragement for energy and resource conservation on the part of our guests, and many other efforts.

While we cannot rid the necessity of air travel, we can balance our carbon footprint of our tickets in otherways. The One Hotel Collection offers guests the opportunity to participate in a carbon offset program ( to lessen the impact of travel.

While Cambodia does possess immense natural heritage (in terms of environments and wildlife), it is the rich cultural heritage for which the nation is best known. We help to preserve Cambodia’s precious cultural resources through participation in the Heritage Friendly program developed by Heritage Watch (

Giving Back to the Community

We partner with local Non-Government Organizations and businesses to arrange ways to give to those in need locally. For many of our guests this is one of the most rewarding elements of their stay.

Our partnership with Shinta Mani ( affords a range of opportunities for our guests to make a difference.

Other local organizations we support are:

Our aim is to direct the generosity of our guests to the organization they would like to help.